Elyatha Eli (Eliata Eli)

🌙 A touch of madness is said to fuel an author’s imagination, but passion, love, and readers are the true driving forces. As I weave my magic to craft dark paranormal romance or dystopian fantasy books (with special fondness for vampires), my focus is always on you, Dear Reader. Your enjoyment is the essence of my creative writing. ❤️

I was born in Latvian but discovered the power behind books while living and writing in England, playing with paranormal romance stories. In my dreams, I venture into alternative universes where magic reigns the world with no place for the ordinary. In those realms, vampires and angels are as real as you are, full of emotions, desires, and life.

This is why, if my book falls into your hands, I wholeheartedly believe it was meant to be yours.

But why do I write? I aim to inspire you to believe in the freedom that resides deep in your heart. After all, only we can make the world better by turning ourselves into the best version of who we are. So every story I write is a key—my invitation to you—to let you into my world.   


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