Two vampires, one Cinderella.
She didn’t lose her shoe—the heel pierced through His heart.

Pearl is a bookworm—a good girl. She feels like Cinderella when a billionaire family invites her to a prestigious event, where Pearl must masquerade as a noble lady. But her fairytale evening turns sinister when a stranger poisons her blood and imprisons her in a mysterious garden—a transformed bunker holding paranormal secrets. And in the shadows of the supernatural, the innocent bookworm finds herself in the company of two enigmatic and famished vampires: the alluring Dominic, a sarcastic anti-hero, and the captivating Draco, her deceptive love interest.

But as the poison courses through Pearl’s veins, she must navigate a treacherous world of seduction and betrayal, where nothing is what it seems.

With time running out, can Pearl unravel the secrets of the bewitching darkness and save herself before the poison claims her? One thing is certain in this deadly dance of passion and power: the line between friend and foe has never been so blurred. Alliances are as fluid as the shadows surrounding her, and the battle for survival is as much about the heart as it is about staying alive.

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