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Fantasy, paranormal romance, supernatural creatures - unleash 
your imagination and explore unseen universes.

Services for true dreamers

Unleash your fantasy and fall in love with fictional characters...or let Elyatha Eli help you create your own. 


BOOKS and eBOOKS - Fantasy that knows no limits. Steamy magic, paranormal romance between supernatural creatures, passion, and endless adventures. Escape reality and dive into an alternative universe.

TranslationTRANSLATION - Broaden your audience and get your book (or other content) translated in Latvian. Or perhaps you are simply looking for help from a fellow author? Contact me.

GhostwritingGhostwriting Services - Do you have a great story in your mind, but you're not a writer? Or you've always wanted to write a book but are unsure where to start? Contact me.

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To everlasting eccentrics and dreamers

Dear Dreamer! Welcome to my Wonderland where you can forget about the dullness of daily life while devouring the fruits of my imagination! If you are an endless dreamer and eccentric like me, you probably love escaping reality to wander through an alternative universe full of magic and various mythical creatures. Perhaps it's a world where your supernatural twin is reading a similar post, drinking coffee that's made of fire and passion or sweet soap bubbles. 

Regardless of how wide is your imagination and its limits - this is a place with no discrimination against sexual orientations, any racial and magical differences, choice of fashion nor any creative boundaries. This is a place for dreams about magical worlds with the freedom to love and feel inspired to become the best version of ourselves - this is a Dream Blog. 

With love,

Elyatha Eli

Dreams for dreams

The most beautiful stories, ideas and success begin with YOU, the depths of your soul. If you are capable of dreaming, you can make anything happen!

Whoever you are, I believe in you - you can achieve your dreams! Never stop chasing your desires that are born in love because each of us came to this world for a significant reason. 

Believe in yourself!