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Paranormal romance, supernatural creatures, and unseen worlds—unleash 
your imagination and explore unseen universes.

Services For True Dreamers

Unleash your fantasy and fall in love with fictional characters...or let Elyatha Eli help you create your own. 


BOOKS & eBOOKS: Paranormal romance, steamy love between supernatural creatures, passion, and endless adventures. Escape reality and dive into another universe.

TranslationTRANSLATION: Broaden your audience and get your book (or other content) translated in Latvian. Or perhaps you are simply looking for help from a fellow author? Contact me.

Ghostwriting GHOSTWRITING: Do you have a great story idea, but you're not a writer? Or you've always wanted to write a book but are unsure where to start? Contact me .

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Dear Dreamer,

Welcome to my Wonderland! It's time to forget about your daily life and replace it with more books. Magic, passion (*plus smut*), and inspiration—I know you're always thirsty for more. Let me swoop you off your feet with paranormal romance stories and introduce you to indie authors worth your time (and money).

Along with the Book Reviews, you'll find many surprises on this website, including gifts, exclusive content about indie authors, and valuable tips from the author's perspective (as well as some resources for your creative writing).

Regardless of your adventures, this is a place with no discrimination against sexual orientations, racial and magical differences, choice of fashion, or creative boundaries. This is a place for dreams about magical worlds and the freedom to love and get inspired.

May your dreams light your way, 

With love,

Elyatha Eli

Dreams for dreams

The most beautiful stories, ideas, and success begin with YOU—the depths of your soul. If you're capable of dreaming, you can make anything happen.

Whoever you are, I believe in you—you can achieve your dreams! Never stop chasing your desires born in love because each of us came to this world for a significant reason.

Believe in yourself!