Destiny: A Void Series Prequel

Destiny—it’s a fancy name for life’s sarcasm.

Have you ever befriended an unhinged stranger so intensely you’d risk everything—your life, freedom, and sanity—just to be by their side? Kira has. After all, what more can a girl with poisonous blood lose?

In the aftermath of a devastating mistake, Kira seeks comfort in the depths of the Eclipsed Forest, the only place where her secret can blend into the night. But the clutches of guilt still find her. And so does Elea, a girl with delusions of divinity and magic as catastrophic as the blood in Kira’s own veins.

A girl with too many enemies.

A property of COF—the syndicate obsessed with turning supernaturals into their puppets.

Born in a world where trust is a luxury and survival a rarity, Kira forges a friendship she never asked for. But destiny has a twisted sense of humour. As the sinister shadows of COF close in to hunt down Kira’s erratic friend, Kira must make a choice. Embrace her cursed blood for a chance at salvation, or sacrifice everything for a friend who might just be her damnation.

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Void: Book 1

Stripped of memories and haunted by the deadly power hidden in her veins, Kira awakens as a prisoner of a mysterious organisation calling themselves COF. Unaware of her own identity or the true nature of her captors, she must endure brutal experiments designed to test the limits of her terrifying gift.

The worst part is, she has no allies.

No memories. No chance to escape. No future for her crumbling world.

Kira’s only solace comes from her venomous blood and the hypnotic whispers emanating from within the concrete walls. But when her wounds inexplicably begin to heal, Kira is thrust into the presence of Void - the mastermind behind the mad playground and the owner of the enigmatic voice.

Torn between the need to uncover her past and her growing fascination with the irresistible Void, Kira vows to bring an end to the sinister organisation that binds them together. There’s only one problem. Kira’s key to unlocking all secrets and securing her freedom lies in forming an alliance with the very monster pulling the strings of her captivity. It’s here that the line between captor and captive begins to blur.


Release Date: May 24, 2024


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