Blood of Gold


His every caress is a trap, every secret—lethal. Then why do I crave him?

I’m Elowen, a guardian angel trapped in the desolate human world, tortured by the people I was sworn to protect.

And Altazar? He saved me—to own me.

Club Underworld is his domain, a dark sanctuary where the wicked gamble with death and the doomed call him their savior. He’s a puppeteer, weaving his strings through mortal souls. And now I’m his latest asset, a captive he wishes to break into obedience, an angel whose golden blood is the devil’s ecstasy.

The only thing that rivals his cruelty and thirst is his enigmatic allure.

But the clock is ticking. Altazar may think he’s caught me in his demonic claws, but he’s playing with celestial fire. What are the stakes? My soul, his secret, and our collapsing playground—the human world.

📝This book is still a WIP, but if you're interested in joining my Street Team or Beta Readers, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram or fill out the Contact Form here.💌


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