Blood of Gold

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An Angel taken by force, a Madman who will stop at nothing to drain her blood, and a Demon who will do anything to avoid taking his wicked father’s throne.

Elowen has spent 2 years in the dying human world, enslaved and tortured by a mortal she was supposed to protect, but her dream of freedom shatters when Madman saves her—to own her.

In the depths of Madman’s dungeons, Elowen finds herself stuck with an unlikely hero, a Demon who claims to be Madman’s captive. But his intentions may not be as pure as the naïve angel thinks. Addicted to Elowen’s blood and willing to do just about anything to escape his father, the Demon finds himself at crossroads—manipulate the woman who is changing his dark heart or save her, risking everything he’s been working for.

📝This book is still a WIP, but if you're interested in joining my Street Team or Beta Readers, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram or fill out the Contact Form here.💌


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